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With our Spanish-English Dual Language Immersion Academy, we are excited to introduce our "third language" at Willmore.  We are proud to offer coding and computer programming to all of our Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade students in both our Dual Immersion and traditional programs. We look forward to sharing student progress at our coding showcases.  Make sure to ask your children about their coding experiences in class.
The Westminster School District has adopted the CS Fundamentals curriculum which blends online and "unplugged" activities to teach students computational thinking, problem solving, and programming concepts.  At Willmore, all students have an opportunity to develop computer programming and coding skills as part of their daily curriculum. When students are provided with computer science skills, they develop critical thinking, creativity, and confidence in an engaging the motivating way while also developing the tools and mindset to become a contributing leader in a global society.
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a one million job gap in the field of computer science.  Many students may be unprepared for these skills that American companies demand, but Willmore is preparing our students for the future needs in the workforce.

For more information about our Spanish-English Dual Immersion Academy and Coding Immersion programs, please contact our principal at (714) 895-3765.