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Ms. Michelle Magpile

First Day of School 2018
We focused on building our classroom community on our first day of school!  To get to know one another, we used Play-Doh to answer prompts like "What was your favorite activity this summer?" and "Who do you go to when you need help?"  Students then shared their Play-Doh creations in small groups and with the whole class.  We discovered that we have a lot in common!  We also spent some time exploring the school while learning school wide rules. In teams, students participated in a FlipHunt, a collaborative way to learn and utilize technology.  Students had to read our PBIS rule signs posted around our campus and record a rule or two they learned on the video platform FlipGrid.  Finally, we spent time becoming more mindful about ourselves and explored our feelings in the hopes of being able to manage them throughout the year.  What a great day!
January 2018
Happy New Year!  Our class continues to work on their writing skills.  This month they used rubrics and online apps to help provide feedback to one another.  They are learning that writing is a process, and it sometimes takes many revisions to produce our best work!  They also took part in their first Escape the Classroom activity with Instructional Support Specialist Mrs. Derr.  They used their knowledge about context clues to work collaboratively to "escape the classroom!"  It was a high-energy lesson filled with critical thinking!  Lastly, our group put the finishing touches on their LEGO WeDo 2.0 robotics projects and shared their work at this trimester's Code to the Future Showcase.  Visitors were impressed by all the wonderful stories coded by our third graders!
December 2017
In math, our students have been busy learning multiplication and division concepts.  They are now working on building multiplication fact fluency by playing games and applying different strategies.  This type of visualization and flexibility in thinking about math facts will help them retain their facts.  Our third graders also took part in the Hour of Code and furthered their knowledge about computer science.  They watched webinars on computer science jobs as well as started their second cycle of Code to the Future, LEGO robotics!
November 2017
Students began working collaboratively in citing text evidence when answering reading comprehension questions.  They also started using Thinking Maps to help them organize their ideas for summary writing.  In November, our school had its first Code to the Future showcase!  Students enjoyed sharing their block-based coding projects on Scratch with parents and community members.  In science, third graders conducted experiments on magnetism and electricity.  Finally, we worked on another STEM Challenge:  build a turkey hideout!
October 2017
Google Expeditions visited Willmore to introduce Augmented Reality lessons to our students.  Our class used the AR equipment to study forces of nature such as volcanos, earthquakes, and hurricanes.  They also brought the solar system into the classroom using this stunning technology!  After conducting the augmented reality lessons, students created Google Slides presentations about what they learned.
September 2017
We've had a wonderful start to our school year!  To help get to know one another and build strong relationships, students took part in collaborative STEM challenges.  They improved upon their communication skills and teamwork through these activities.  In language arts, students have been working in blended learning groups to learn reading comprehension skills such as the RACE strategy.  In math, the third graders have been taking part in collaborative investigations to think more deeply about math.  They worked on visualizing numbers, geometric shape building, and creating graphs together to discover how there is more than one way to find a solution to a math problem.  To further this way of thinking, students have been working on number talks and clothesline math during our units on place value and addition.  But the most exciting part of this school year has been the addition of computer science!  Our Code to the Future coach, Dr. Martin, has been visiting all the classrooms to prepare our students in their EPIC Builds!  Third graders are designing and programming their very own racing game!