Code to the Future Showcase Makes Awesome the New Normal at Willmore

On Friday, November 3rd, Dr. Nicole Jacobson welcomed families and stakeholders to Willmore's first EPIC Build Showcase to highlight the school's work in computer science.  Computer science immersion has joined the Spanish Dual Immersion program to further develop literacy and competency in a global society.  At Willmore, students have the opportunity to become tri-literate in English, Spanish, and Computer Science.

To kick off the showcase, Code to the Future coach Dr. Antwon Martin addressed the audience, but our very own Willmore students quickly took charge of the opening presentation.  They spoke about the need for more people in the field of computer science. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2020, there will be a one million job gap in the field. They also described how each grade level is learning how to code using the block-based program called Scratch.  In the coming trimesters, students will then move on to coding robotics and script-based coding.

After the presentation, Willmore student ambassadors guided groups of visitors to classrooms in order to view the progression in Code to the Future's curriculum.  They were able to see projects in Kindergarten, First Grade, Third Grade, and get a preview of the Fifth Grade robotics curriculum in the Innovation Lab.  To end the tour, families were invited to visit their children's classrooms to celebrate their accomplishments.  "Awesome is the new normal" at Willmore!

Many thanks to Dr. Antwon Martin for his continued work with our staff and Ms. Pyle for preparing the student-led presentations.  Special thanks to Executive Director of Teaching and Learning Denis Cruz, Executive Director of the Office of Language Acquisition Olivia Yahya, and Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Myrlene Pierre who made time to attend the event.  

Please click on our video slideshow of the EPIC Build Showcase.