Cal State Fullerton Men's Soccer Team reads to Willmore Students!

Our students enjoyed listening to the Cal State Fullerton Men's Soccer team read books about character.  Through the books, the importance of character was discussed and students answered questions about their experiences in seeing or exhibiting character.  The soccer players shared some of the times that they have shown these character traits.  Some of the character traits discussed included: courage, bravery, kindness, perseverance, and sacrifice.  The author of the books, Chip Fuller, along with Head Coach George Kuntz shared their points of view as well.  Chip Fuller shared his motivation for writing the series, Todd and the Talking PiƱata, to our school.  The illustrations and exciting text, kept our students interested and ready to read.  Our students were given the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the three reading sessions.  They were all engaged and looking forward to learning more from these role model college student athletes. Coach George Kuntz shared his experiences of being a head college soccer coach, discussing the importance of his athletes having a good work ethic and positive attitude.  We are looking forward to having the CSUF Men's soccer team and coaches visit Willmore next year!