Saturday School Lessons Engage Willmore Students

Willmore students enjoyed a variety of engaging lessons at Saturday School on January 21st.  Activities were designed to complement learning that takes place in classrooms during the traditional weekday schedule.  Students were able to work across grade levels and learn from their peers as well.  
During this past Saturday School, Willmore Thunderbirds rotated through three learning stations.  Ms. Pyle and Ms. Cordova guided students in a STEM challenge.  They were challenged to engineer the tallest tower they could build using marshmallows and toothpicks.  Mr. Flannery, one of Westminster School District's music teachers, taught a music class to Kindergarteners through fifth graders.  Finally, Home Depot and former Willmore teacher Ms. Becker led students in making photo boxes which students were able to take home.  
Thank you to all participating teachers and especially to Home Depot for continuing our community partnership!