Google Expeditions Pioneer Program Comes to Willmore

Willmore 2nd-5th graders were treated to incredible journeys to various interesting locations using Google Expeditions and Google Cardboard.  Using virtual reality headsets, students became immersed in 360 degree panoramic views and learned fascinating details about each destination.  They were thoroughly engaged and felt like they were really there!  Willmore classroom teachers led each expedition with the help of our PRIDE program director Kristen Valencia and staff member Ravin Nhem.
Second graders were able to take ocean safaris and visit natural history museums to see dinosaur fossils.  Third graders focused on Antarctica and seeing the penguins.  Fourth and fifth grade students were able to take trips to state and national parks, dive into the depths of the oceans to see sharks up close, visit the moon, and go to Mars!  Please click on the video link to see our Willmore Thunderbirds interact with this amazing technology.