Willmore's Focus: Reading Comprehension


Willmore’s Focus:

Reading Comprehension


Your child’s teacher works very hard to plan, prepare and deliver lessons on multiple subjects every day, including math, writing, reading, science, social studies and physical education. This year, we are placing a special emphasis on reading comprehension. The questions on this handout have been chosen to help you work on this with your children at home. On the front are questions you can ask your child, no matter what age.

When you are reading with your child, every day, ask the questions below. If your student has trouble answering any of them. Encourage them to go back to the story to help them find the answer.


Who is in the story?


Where is the story taking place?


What was the problem in the story?


What did the character (person or animal) want?


What happened at the beginning (middle, end) of the story?


Look at the cover/picture. What do you think might happen?


Did you like the story? Why?