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Why Willmore Language Academy?

Choosing Willmore Language Academy for the Dual Spanish and Coding immersion program offers a unique blend of language learning and technical skills. Willmore has been awarded the California Association of Bilingual Education Seal of Excellence, Title I Academic Achievement Award, Golden Bell, Gold Ribbon School, and the California Pivotal Practice Award. Our award winning program provides students with a competitive edge in our increasingly interconnected world, helping them develop proficiency in both Spanish and coding languages. The advantages of Dual Language Immersion are reflected in the three pillars of Bilingual Education which  includes academic achievement, biliteracy and bilingualism, and sociocultural competence. Willmore provides teaching and learning opportunities that increases interest and engagement for all students, 1 on 1 devices, develops the fours C’s of critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration, develops strong school and family partnership and equips students with skills to be more successful in a global economy.