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Welcome to Willmore Language Academy

In the heart of Westminster, California, a small educational haven called Willmore Language Academy has been shaping young minds since its inception. Established with a vision to provide a holistic and diverse learning experience, our school has become a prominent Spanish Dual Language Immersion School catering to approximately 500 students in grades TK through 6.

The story of Willmore Language Academy began with the dedication and passion of our former Principal Neomia Willmore. A veteran educator with a profound belief in the transformative power of language, Neomia envisioned a school where students could not only excel academically but also embrace cultural diversity and become global citizens.

Since its humble beginnings, the academy's hallmark has been its innovative approach to bilingual education. At Willmore, students are immersed in both English and Spanish, fostering a deep appreciation for different cultures and preparing them for a more interconnected world.

As an institution that values excellence, Willmore Language Academy has garnered several notable accolades over the years. The California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) bestowed upon them the prestigious Seal of Excellence, recognizing their exceptional commitment to bilingual education and promoting multiculturalism in the learning environment.

Furthermore, the academy's dedication to implementing effective teaching practices did not go unnoticed. It earned the Pivotal Practice Award for its innovative teaching methodologies that cater to diverse learning styles, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention and support.

Willmore Language Academy's commitment to student growth and development extends beyond academics. Our school has been recognized as a Common Sense School, which emphasizes fostering responsible digital citizenship and equipping students with the necessary skills to navigate the digital world safely and ethically.

Moreover, the academy is proud to be a GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) school, providing enrichment programs that nurture the talents of exceptionally gifted students and foster their intellectual curiosity.

The accolades kept coming for Willmore, as it was honored with the esteemed Golden Bell Award, highlighting its outstanding contributions to education in the community. This recognition served as a testament to the dedication of its faculty and staff in creating an environment that nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and overall growth in students.

One of the school's proudest achievements is receiving the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) Award. This recognition emphasizes the school's commitment to fostering a positive and respectful school culture, promoting kindness, empathy, and inclusion among its students.

As the years go by, Willmore Language Academy continues to evolve, keeping its core values intact while embracing new technologies and teaching methodologies. With an unyielding commitment to fostering bilingualism, cultural appreciation, and academic excellence, our school remains a beacon of learning, empowering students to become compassionate, confident, and well-rounded individuals.

In the hands of visionary educators, devoted parents, and eager students, Willmore Language Academy embarks on a journey of endless possibilities, preparing the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow for a world where language and culture are bridges, not barriers.