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Willmore knows that students that are at school on time, every day, are in a better position for academic success. Teacher/Student interaction is the most effective way for students to learn. Below is information regarding attendance requirements for students:


California Education Code 48260 requires students to attend school every day, arriving on time, ready to learn.

Excused absences:

Illness                                    Doctor/dental appointment             Required court appearance

Religious reasons  

Death in the family (1 day for in-state services, 3 days for out-of-state services)


Unexcused absences:

Too tired                                 Missed bus                                        Asthma

Headache                             Car broke down                                Head lice (more than 3 days)

Extended vacation               Babysitting


Five unexcused absences or 30 minutes late to school for 4 days or more will require a meeting with the School Attendance Review Team.  Continued absences will result in a referral to the Westminster Student Attendance Review Board and/or a referral to the Orange County District Attorney’s office.


Following an absence, students are required to bring a note from parents the day he/she returns to school.  The note must list the date of the absence, specific reason for the absence, and must be signed by parent or guardian.  A parent may call the school office to give information about their child’s absence.


Students need to arrive at school on time.  Should excessive tardiness persist, parents will be notified. When children are late to school, they miss important learning and disrupt learning for others.