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Programs » Spanish/English Dual Language Immersion Academy

Spanish/English Dual Language Immersion Academy

Program Overview
Dual language immersion integrates native English speaking and English language learning students in the same classroom and provides academic instruction through two languages, one of which is the primary language of each group (for example Spanish and English). The students learn a second language while they are learning content, which is very different than how most of us learned a second language. Many of us do not remember our second language, because we learned it out of context and in isolation (for example conjugating Spanish verbs). The goals and research based benefits of dual language immersion are bilingualism, biliteracy, cultural proficiency, global citizenship, academic achievement in all subject areas, 21st century skills, increased family involvement and the Seal of Biliteracy Pathway Award attainment at Kindergarten, third, fifth, and eighth grades (with the ultimate goal of the student graduating with the California Department of Education formally recognized Seal of Biliteracy on their high school diploma).
  • High academic achievement
  • Bilingualism/Biliteracy
  • Cross-Cultural relationships
  • Respect for self, family, school and community
  • Leadership and self-confidence
  • Strong school and family partnerships
  • Expanded career opportunities
  • Skills for a global economy
  • Opportunity to earn the Orange County Department of Education Pathways to Biliteracy Awards and California Seal of Biliteracy
Program/Registration Information

Come join our Dual Language Immersion Academy tours by calling Willmore Elementary at714-895-3765.  Please contact Land Child Development for Preschool registration information and questions: 714-898-8389.  We look forward to showing you our Dual Language Academy and Coding Immersion programs and to see the successes of the program.  See the brochures and registration information below for more information.